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DASP Advocacy RE: Regulation 225

07/10/2018 10:05 AM | Anonymous

One of the benefits of a state organization is that we advocate for our members, for our profession, and for the students in our schools on issues that impact them.  Most recently, the DASP Government and Professional Relations Committee, headed by Eric Pizzini and Courtney Kennell, developed a statement regarding recent changes to Regulation 225. Specifically, DASP expresses significant concerns with the updates made in the most recent version of Regulation 225, and does not support it as currently written. 

The DASP statement, linked below in the PDF file named "DASP_response to Regulation 225.docx.pdf", states that DASP is concerned with the requirement of having parent or guardian permission prior to the school taking “action to recognize a change in any protected characteristic”. Overall, DASP is in disagreement with this position. By not allowing a student to use a self-identified gender or race if a parent or guardian denies it, or if a student doesn’t feel comfortable getting permission from a parent, it creates an environment that is not welcoming for a student and allows for potential discrimination by the school by not recognizing a Protected Characteristic solely due to the parent’s wishes. It is DASP’s position that all students, regardless of various Protected Characteristics, including gender identity, have the right to a safe and supportive environment within the educational arena. When students are in school climates that are safe, inclusive, and respectful of diversity, they perform better academically, behaviorally, and socially-emotionally.

Thank you to Eric, Courtney, and the rest of the contributing DASP Board members for their thoughtful creation of this document.

DASP response to Regulation 225.docx.pdf

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